What is affiliate marketing?

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Affiliate marketing is when you promote other companies’ products. When someone buys
through your affiliate link, you get some commission.

As an affiliate, you’re a salesperson for the company. You help to make a sale, the
company rewards you.

The greatest thing about affiliate marketing is that you can do it at scale. A typical
salesperson only sells products from one company. As an affiliate marketer, you can
promote products from many different companies and earn commissions from all of them.

How does affiliate marketing work?

The merchant gives each affiliate a unique link so they can track who was responsible
for a sale. The link will usually look something like this:

1=affiliate link- 2

When someone clicks that link, a small file called a cookie gets stored on their device.

An affiliate cookie does two things:

It helps the merchant attribute the sale back to the right person;
It (usually) holds an death date, so you get paid even if the buyer delays
their purchase.
Here’s an example of how this works.

Imagine that a reader visits your post about the best winter jackets. They click
on one of your affiliate links, leading them to a product on Amazon.

But they realized they have to pick up their daughter from school. So they leave
their house, pick up their daughter, have dinner, and then finally go back to
Amazon where they find the product again.

Since they’re already shopping on Amazon, they decide to purchase some ski gear too.

Here’s the good news. Earlier, they clicked on your affiliate link and a cookie
was stored on their device. Because Amazon has a 24-hour cookie duration, you
get compensated for both the winter jacket and ski gear—even though you didn’t
promote the latter.

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